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How to Get Out of Tax Debt

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016

How to Get Out of Tax Debt

When a person is past due paying their taxes, the situation can feel very stressful. What do you do? How do you deal with the IRS breathing down your neck? What are the options? These questions will be coursing round your head but you can breathe and be calm because there are many companies out there that specialise in tax resolution services out there! There are options out there for dealing with the IRS and you don’t have to be afraid of the tax debt you’ve accumulated.

Your first step here should be to get an idea of exactly what you owe. Document how much unpaid tax you owe for each tax year and for each tax agency. This will help you visually be able to put down what you need to sort and be a useful summary of your tax situation and if you are able to, put this information into a spreadsheet. At a glance you will be able to see whether you have filed all your tax returns, whether you have had your state taxes paid off and whether you would qualify for an instalment agreement with the IRS.

The second step is figuring out whether an instalment agreement is even the right option for you. The IRS will approve an instalment agreement if, among other things, you have filed all tax returns and the total balance owed for all years is less than or equal to fifty thousand dollars. If you owe more than fifty thousand dollars, your next step is to conduct a thorough financial analysis. If you cannot afford to pay the minimum the IRS would accept, then you have to go through your finances with a very fine toothcomb to see where cutbacks can be made.

The third step is conducting your financial analysis and there is a specific process for analysing your finances for the purpose of figuring out how much you can pay the IRS and these are:

  • If you were to sell your assets, how much money could you come up with to pay the IRS? This is a question about your net worth and we are measuring the current value of your assets and subtracting any loans against those assets.
  • Do you have any available credit? Could you borrow via a credit card or home equity loan to pay the IRS in one lump? This way, you could lower the repayments to the home equity loan or credit card and the IRS is then paid off.
  • How much money do you have disposable per month after you pay your necessary living expenses? You have to measure your income and subtract the necessary living expenses. This is how much the IRS will expect you to pay to them each month.

Quite often the crucial question is how much money a person has left over each month after paying their necessities. In some ways the IRS does not often take expenses into consideration. By not doing this, the IRS is in effect saying the taxpayer is spending too much money and more of their income should be paying the IRS. Expenses should be necessary and reasonable so if you’re budgeting for takeout then that can go right out the window.

The IRS will evaluate your financial documents but you don’t have to panic, there is always help available to those who seek it out.

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What if you get into Road Traffic Offenses?

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016

If you drive to work or you spend considerable time on the road, the possibility of getting into road traffic offense is high. This canbe as simple as speeding or as serious as drunk driving. If ever you find yourself in such a predicament, make sure to be in touch with Criminal Lawyers‎ in Leeds. In such a situation you will need all the help that you can get. There will be details to contest and reports to thequestion, and you cannot do this yourself. You need help from lawyers to be able to do this right. One wrong move and the situation will not be in your favor.

Make Sure to get the Details Straight

In road traffic offenses, the details are what matters. Together with this are photos to support the details. If you get into such a situation, just make sure that you get the details straight. If you get the details straight, it will be easy to contest the findings of the investigators. You will not be afraid to question their report or request for review of their finding if your details are crystal clear. Even if you get caught on a drunken driving charge, try to get the best recollection you can muster. Everything will always depend on the details. This is the starting point.


Contact your Solicitor

Once you have the details straight, your next move is to get in touch with your solicitor. Your lawyer must be able to know every detail of what happened. This will help your lawyer to prepare a counter-statement against whatever charges are leveled against you. You need help from your solicitor because in counter statements, the details, and the wording matter a lot. In order words, the presentation if extremely important to get a favorable decision. If you get the details wrong or the chronology wrong, it can be used against you.

Challenge through your Solicitor

As soon as charges are leveled against you and you discover that the details are not accurate, prepare to make a counter statement. Prepare also to challenge the findings of the investigator. However, never do this on your own. You need to do this with the help of the solicitor. The solicitor is familiar with the format and how to present the details of your challenge. If you do this to the letter, you will be in safe hands. You will then wait for their next step. Whatever it is, it will be your lawyer who will do the rest.

Road traffic offenses are fairly common occurrences. Unless it involves damage or death, you will not find yourself in a complicated situation. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be penalized. To be sure that you will not get penalized, do not neglect to contact Leeds Immigration Lawyers. You need to do this before making any move or making any statement. This precaution will assure you that you will be in safe hands throughout this ordeal due to your lawyer.

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A Guide to Branding: Law Firms

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016

A Guide to Branding: Law Firms

In a very competitive environment the right positioning and a well-integrated law firm branding company can make the difference between an average performance and being a market leader. Everyone you hire into your firm influences how the firm is perceived. Marketing isn’t just about promotional material and billboards it’s about word of mouth as well and that is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Law firms have got to be able to communicate effectively what it is that makes them distinctive as a company. Positioning yourself in the market and doing what you can to be a market leader is essential to do well in your field.

Establish your team of law consultants and use them as your resource in marketing. A law firm brand is so much more than just the name of the firm and the logo you have on the letterheads. Firms have to think strategically and having law firm strategic planning in place to think about the design and development of the key messages required for the brand is very important. In today’s market, there are a lot challenges and it is increasingly important for firms to communicate their strengths. An effective brand will support new business development, client loyalty and internal pride. Your brand is your client’s, business colleagues and potential future clients’ promise. It tells the audience what to expect from its services as well as how those services will be delivered. Your brand should communicate who you are as a firm and be consistent in your presentation. The name of your firm is critical to your success. The firms name should be ethical, easy to say and absolutely memorable. You want people to hear your brand name and be able to refer to you easily and this will help with client growth. Having a catchy but simple logo on your stationery and on the outside of your office will keep you in mind of everyone who comes your way.

Your brand is going to build trust with clients and attorneys and if you have a consistently presented and relatable brand, you will go far. Today’s legal market emphasises the need for attention to consistency as outside resources become more diluted and the competitions continue to grow. Even things down to the font of your marketing materials can elicit reactions from your clients.

You should think about the psychology of colour and attention should be given to the placement of visual elements. Ensuring your brand is marketed effectively not only on the firm website but on social media platforms is so key today. Social media is used by a large portion of the population and your law firm branding should be eye catching, informative but short and sharp. This way you can attract new clients or potential future clients and when they need a lawyer, your firm will be the first to spring to mind.

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